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Other places of interest in the area include

.Bryce Canyon National Park: Thousands of delicately-carved spires rise in brilliant color from the amphitheatres of this natural wonder.

Cedar City Sidewalk: A guide to services and activities in Cedar City, the home of the Utah Shakespearean Festival.

Grand Circle Association: A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the incredible year-round vacation opportunities available in the four corners area of the southwestern United States.

Southern Utah University: The host of the Utah Shakespearean Festival.

Tuacahn Amphitheatre: An entertainment facility and center for the arts nestled at the base of red rock cliffs towering 1,500 feet high.

Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre: A unique giant screen theatre just outside the park entrance.

Zion National Park: Less than an hour from the Utah Shakespearean Festival.

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